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In our webshop you can buy posters with craft motifs. They celebrate creativity in their historical settings and could for example portrait sewing, knitting, crocheting, carpentry, wood carving, blacksmithing, weaving and needle work.

The motifs are photographs from our journeys in Sweden as we visit local artisans, artists and groups who work with traditional crafts. You can join us on our travels through our blog, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. We would also love you to suggest places you think we should visit.

The photographs are printed on certified paper for responsible forestry and the process includes carbon offsetting. The paper is high quality, 200 gram and half matte, and has been selected to ensure that your interior poster will remain beautiful for many years to come. Your poster is delivered without a frame and will be sent to you via FedEx (DHL within Sweden) in a protective paper tube.

Currently, our posters are shipped to many countries in Europe, see the full list of countries in our FAQ. If you are in a different country and would like to buy a poster, let us know by contacting us here.

We are passionate about bringing together the old and the new in an eco-friendly celebration of creativity and crafts.

In an increasingly urbanised society, there are still hidden pockets of rural creativity that reminds us of an earlier era. Places that carry history and knowledge of techniques, some of which may become extinct. We want to document and raise awareness by transferring them in to urban spaces, through photography.

Do you know a hidden gem we should visit? We would love your suggestions here.

The techniques we photograph often have a long tradition of sustainability. People utilised nature resources without harming the natural cycle and they respected nature’s constraints and possibilities.

Therefore, it is important to us that our posters are produced with the least possible climate impact. They are printed on certified paper for sustainable forestry and the process involves carbon offsetting. We mostly print on demand and keep a small stock in order to avoid unnecessary consumption of paper.


climate compensated paper by Antalis

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